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What is the Adventure Group?
The Adventure Group is a collaboration of companies that have partnered to provide you with a full range of construction, equipment, management, and marketing services. Whether your needs include design and installation of a challenge course facility, selection and purchase of equipment, staff training, or marketing and business development, The Adventure Group is here to enable your success. Adventure Hardware is The Adventure Group's equipment supply source. In addition, Adventure Hardware is the sole provider for Alpine Towers International, Inc and Cornerstone Designs, Inc.
How do I care for my rope?
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Store ropes and harnesses in a cool, shaded place away from UV rays, dampness, and direct heat.
  • Wash dirty ropes in clear cold water with mild soap such as Ivory Snow or Woolite. Particularly dirty area can be scrubbed with a soft nylon or natural bristle brush
  • Air dry wet ropes out of direct sunlight
  • A rope use log instills a healthy, safe attitude toward equipment care and provides a use record
  • Inspect the rope visual and manually as you uncoil it prior to each use.
  • Use a lap coil rather than a circular coil.
  • Rotate ends between program days so climbers tie into different ends.
How should I care for my aluminum carabiners?
  • Store gear in a dry place
  • If there is dirt, sand, or grit in the gate, clean it out. A toothbrush can be helpful
  • Use a lubricant such as "WD40" or "Tri-flow." In either case, wipe off excess lubricant.
  • Do not slap carabiners on belay bench eyebolts. This may cause internal fractures and/or gate damage.
  • Do not drop or throw gear.
How do I clean out the inside of my helmet?
Remove the internal foam pads and wash them in a mild soap such as Ivory Flakes or Woolite.
What are the 2005 rope colors?
  • Red with a yellow cross tracer
  • Orange with yellow cross tracer
  • Blue with yellow cross tracer
What is a kN (kilonewton)?
1 kN = 224.82 lbs. Most carabiners have a kN rating stamped into them and range from 20.2kN to 50kN. For example the 18501-aluminum carabiner has a breaking strength of 27.80 kN. This means that the breaking strength in that specific direction is 27.80kN *224.82lbs = 6249.996 lbs.
What size Omni-sling should I use for my swing by choice back-up?
3 foot Omni sling.
What should I do if the sheath slips on my rope?
  • Clip the seal off the ends.
  • Start from the middle and milk the sheath towards the ends
  • Re-cut and melt the ends
What equipment do I need to replace my 4 to 1 haul system?
What is the best method for applying shrink tubing to my rope ends?
  • Snip 1 inch to 1 half off the Shrink-to-Fit Tubing.
  • Slip Tubing over end of rope
  • Apply hot air or infrared heat source of 275 degrees. Clear tubing will shrink tightly around end of rope.
What are methods for washing ropes?
  • Run ropes through a rope washer.
  • Use a side loading washing machine that is free of bleach or other harmful agents. Please note that you can ruin a rope and a washing machine if a piece of it gets caught in the door. Use mild detergent and let ropes air-dry.
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